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Welcome to the Badische Peptide & Proteine GmbH

Are you looking for a cost-effective and clean solution for the production of peptides and proteins for your scientific projects, your research or your product production? Then you've come to the right place.

The BPP GmbH is a young dynamic biotech start-up company located in Mannheim, Germany. We are specializing in the biotechnological production and analysis of peptides and proteins. Take advantage of our proprietary Better Peptides Producution Platform to scale the production of your custom-made linear or circular peptides and protein candidates for use in agriculture, pharma, food, or cosmetics. We are looking forward to advise and work with you personally on economical and ecological solutions to scale your production.

Better PEptides in Agriculture

The problems associated with the widespread use of conventional chemical-synthetic crop protection are significant. The problems reach from resistence formation, hazardous residues lingering and drifting into adjacent soils and groundwater to adverse effects with far-reaching implications for biodiversity (e.g. loss of polinators) and human health (e.g. allergies and cancer).

Biologically and sustainably produced bioactive peptides and proteins have a great potential of naturally protecting sensitive crop and harvest plants from climate change related enviromental changes, such as droughts, or temporarily prepare them for pests using the plants own defence mechanisms.
In many instances, peptide-based solutions come a long way in avoiding and replacing conventional chemical herbicides, fungicides and pesticides. In cases where they can't be avoided entirely, their use can at least be reduced to a minimum.

Now, for the first time, the unrivaled scalability of our propietary Better Peptides Platform enables the widespread use of antimicrobial peptides on a commercial scale and provide a cost effective and ecologically friendly alternative to conventional crop protection.

Additionally, the Badische Peptide und Proteine GmbH in collaboration with University of Saarbrücken and developed a novel peptide-based reagent for transient transfection of a diverse set of host organisms, including plants. We call the technology BPP BioportidesTM and it is as easy as watering your plant.

Does this peak your interest? Then please contact us, we are still looking for scientific partners helping us further investigate the limits of this technology under routine conditions.

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Better Peptides in Food Industry

Peptides and proteins are a natural and integral part of our nutrition. They provide us with the necessary essential amino acids and nitrogen compounds to maintain a healthy life. However, beside the obvious nutritious value of a good and solid protein basis, affordable ecologically sourced functional peptides and proteins can provide a significant added benefit in food production.

The best example is vegan meat, also often referred to as "cultured meat" or "lab-grown meat". For it to have the intended beneficial effect on the enviroment, reduce mass animal farming and become commercially successful, availability of recombinantly expressed animal growth factors play a crucial role to meet the demand of vegan meat production. For this to work, the importance of cost effective and scalable peptide and protein production cannot be stressed enough. Growth factors would need to be produced in large quantifies in an animal free setting and according to the highest standards of food production.

Another interesting case study to highlight the benefits of the Better Peptides Platform are taste modulators and flavors. Peptides can either be used directly as spices, natural sweetener or flavors, or indirectly by modulating taste by inhibiting receptors of undesired tastes. Such peptides have the potential to significantly reduce the amount of added sugars, artifical sweetener and flavours used in the food industry with various beneficial effects on consumer's health.

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Better Peptides in Pharma

As proteins and peptides fullfil numerous vital cellular functions, they also play a crucial role in human and veterinary health care.

Only recently, during the SARS-COV2 pandemic, we learned how important the ability is to produce biological material fast and on scale, be it for research or production purposes. Pharmaceutical research is a fast pace enviroment, in which a multitude of compounds need to be produced, tested and rejected or approved to find the ideal candidate for clinical trials. The turnover and development times are crucial for commerical success.

The Better Peptides Platform is optimally suited for the needs of research and development and allows for a prompt production of custom linear and circular peptide candidates in various scale. Once a suitable peptide drug candidate was found, the production can quickly be ramped up to meet commerical demands using the same established technology used to produce the research candidates. This saves important time. More importantly, the platform is reliable and reproducibly independent of the cargo peptide produced, because vital elements of the process are kept constant and the method do not require tidious finetuning.

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Better Peptides in Cosmetics

Peptides and proteins are part of the first line of defence the body uses to protect itself from the daily onslaught of enviromental stress factors and maintain the vital fine-tuned homeostasis to maintain a working and healthy skin barrier.

Usually secreted with the sweat, peptides and proteins are part of the protective layer forming and coating the epithelial cells fulfilling numerous vital functions. By their composition, they regulate moisture content or the neutral pH of the skin. Some, like Dermacidin, have cell permeability properties that allow the transport of nutrition through the various layers of the skin.

Cosmetic products enriched with affordable endogenous bioactive peptides and proteins could support maintaining or reestablishing the homeostasis of our largest organ, when it is once again stessed or damaged.

Skin care is health care. Thematically related to Pharmaceutical research, also cosmetics can benefit greatly from the availability of bioactive peptide incredients and the benefits of the Better Peptides Platform for producing peptides and proteins.

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Badische Peptide und Proteine GmbH is funded as part of the Baden-Württemberg state strategy for a sustainable bioeconomy.