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"Our goal is not to be better than nature, instead we want to be better with nature!"

Company Mission and Philosophy

The company's roots lie in the fascination and love for the beauty and simplicity of nature and our passion for bio- sciences. During one of our informal meetings one of us said something like, "We are all biochemists here, we all know our goal shouldn't be to be better than nature, we should be better with nature!" and it stuck with us that eventually we made it our credo - our mission. For us, wanting to be better with nature has two meanings. First, nature is the best architect, it should serve us as an example, reference, or guide. As such, nature is our hardest working colleague. Employee of the month - several billion years in a row. It is not as something that needs to be overcome or replaced. Second, it means taking better care using a sustainable economic approach that places great value on natural regenerative resource cycles. We see a general, desirable, and worthwhile added benefit as well as a long-term strategic advantage in future-oriented bio-based economy, from which especially agriculture and forestry, medicine and pharmacy, the food industry, and cosmetics can profit if they freed themselves from conventional methods.

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Christoph Kutzner, M.Sc.

Founder and CEO
Research & Development

Alexander Kutzner

Technic and Logistic

Advisory board

Peer Stähler

Founding Team Member & Senior Advisor
Business Strategy

Daniela Marzoll, PhD

Founding Team Member
Genetic Engineering

Patrick Neubert, M.Sc.

Founding Team Member
Bioanalytics, IT and System Administration,
Corporate Design & Web Development

Erika Kutzner, PhD

Founding Team Member
Finances and Administration

Christoph Kutzner, M.Sc.

Founder and CEO
Research & Development

Martin Kutzner

Co-Founder and Senior Legal Advisor